We believe our goal is to not only sell high quality products to our customers but to work with each rider to craft or source a product that will help improve their riding. Our riders come first and we want to see everyone reach their potential and succeed in their goals at all levels of the sport.

"I am very lucky to be riding in Butet saddles. They are my all-time favourite since I first sat in one years ago while riding at Eric Lamaze’s stable. Butet Saddles are handmade by master saddlers and the attention to detail is second to none! They fit the horse and rider perfectly. I have never felt more comfortable or balanced in another saddle. Together with the Flex on stirrups that make a huge difference to my ankle I'm the happiest I have ever been in the saddle!"

"BUTET Saddles.....they are amazing, a few weeks ago I had too many horses at a show and had to put an old saddle (very well known brand) on one of my horses, after riding in Butet now for so long I could not believe how uncomfortable my old saddle was and how badly it sat on the horse! I have a couple of large horses, who used to have so much trouble with saddles slipping back, now they are in Butet I never ever have to move the saddle forward before I go in the ring it sits perfectly - once you try one you will also fall in love with them! Eric Lamaze, Tiffany Foster, Michael Whitaker, Patrice Delaveau all ride in Butet!" - Katie Laurie

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new saddle as does my horse. He is so much happier in it and has much more freedom in his movement. It's like riding a different horse! Thanks so much for brining these saddles to NZ." - Katrina Whittle

"My new Butet saddle arrived just under 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it even more than I thought I would! I got the mono flap option and it sits perfectly on the horses and and gives you such a good feel for what the horses are doing! I have also been using the Flex On stirrups for a year now and I can't stand anything else!!" - Tash Brooks

"I rode in my new Butet saddle for the first time today and I'm so happy with it, it's by far the best saddle I have ridden in!" - Tamara Coster

"I managed about 30 minutes of riding today, just before it started raining again. New saddle is just wonderful, as is the new horse."            - Sabine Holle / Hanna PRE Stud

"I got a pair of Flex-On stirrups just on a year ago as I have bad knees and it was the best investment I have ever made I couldn't ride for over an hour before feeling really sore now I can go 4 hours and still feel great THANKS FLEX-ON". - Lyn Daniel

"In April I purchased a Peter Horobin Amazone saddle from Maddox Equestrian. It was great to get a trial saddle to try instead of trying out one for one ride and having to make a decision. Also great to get back up service – everyone is keen to sell you a saddle – but don’t always provide a good service afterwards. I found Phil’s attention to detail and saddle fitting to be excellent. Thank you Phil and Bryn". - Helen Williamson.

"Just want to thank you two for last Sunday, I am loving my new saddle and so is my horse :-)." - Samantha Head

"Thanks Maddox Equestrian, Phil Maddox and team and Peter Horobin on assisting with our lovely PH saddle. Excellent service. Happy customer, pony and rider. Our second PH saddle purchase". - Tanya Taylor

"Thanks Maddox Equestrian for visiting us in Hawke's Bay, so amazing to have such great service and knowledge in saddle fitting here. I know that Sparkly B appreciated the small adjustment and my Peter Horobin Saddlery Amazone felt amazing this morning, true quality always lasts". - Sam Dermer

"Just had my first ride in my new PH Amazone. All I can say is I am in love with my saddle. I had no pain and my horse was so happy he has salivation back which he didn't have in my last saddle. Thanks again Maddox Equestrian and Peter Horobin Saddlery".  - Jenny-Lee Jorgensen

"Thanks again for coming to fit my saddle, its working great and I have had no back pain and Pirate is going really well, yaaaay !" - Tania Baird

"I rode in my beautiful new PHS Alivia saddle today, love it!!!"  - Ellen Mitchell

"I've brought two Butet jump saddles from Bryn and Phil. The saddles fit beautifully and their combined ability to fit saddles is second to none. The saddles are tailored for each horse but amazingly fit many horses so it means I don't have to have a saddle for every horse. The first one I brought after 12 months wasn't fitting perfectly because the horse changed shape but this wasn't a problem because Bryn had initially chosen a tree that allowed him to get bigger and then the panels were swapped to fit his change in shape due to muscle development. I really couldn't recommend Maddox Equestrian highly enough and the back up service has been phenomenal". - Jessica Brough

"I picked up my new saddle from Fastway this morning and the first ride in it was amazing!!!! And my horse went so much better in it than in his old saddle. Thank you so much!!!" - Barbara Gruber

"I love the freedom it gives both myself and the horse.  Everyone that has sat on it remarks on just how "invisible" the saddle feels.  Comfortable but not in an "armchair" way - and it just allows you to get on and do your job as a rider.  The craftsmanship and leather quality are fantastic too.

I think because it allows me to sit a bit deeper and adjust my position more so I am not stuck in any one place then I can follow his movement better.  It has allowed greater freedom of the shoulder for him and there is a great confidence in knowing your horse has a bespoke saddle made just for him  - nothing off the shelf can ever fit like a Horobin!" - Jody Hartstone

"Thomas is going extremely well in my new saddle and I am thrilled with it". - Raewyne Passey

"We are certainly seeing big change in the horses with the Stride Free saddle. So far the two problem horses are much improved & rest have made their dissatisfaction felt when swapped back into one of the usual track saddles!" - Meersbrooke Thoroughbreds

"I was super excited to give my new Butet a test drive tonight! Have never felt so balanced in a saddle, it places you straight in the correct position. It was nice that Brea enjoyed it as much as I did; she was very comfortable and had so much freedom of movement in it. Happy horse, happy rider! Thank you so much Bryn and the team at Maddox Equestrian." - Sophie Walker

"Love my new Flexon stirrups!!! Super friendly staff. I will be back for another colour one day!" - Kate Adams

"I have to say a huge thank you, Banjo & I are having an awesome time because of the Maddox Equestrian Experience, my awesomely awesome saddle & my lessons with Phil of course have made us much better partners, we are forever thankful and always spreading the word." - Michelle Watson

"I just love my Butet jumping saddle - its come up a beautiful dark brown and I have had a few comments on how it looks really comfy and fits me and Billy well" - Emillie Delaney

"I absolutely love my PHS Alivia and so does Earl. It is such a relief to finally have a saddle that fits perfectly". - Sue Batchelor

"I am very pleased with my Butet saddle. It makes staying on for jumps like this much easier!" - Joy McNeill

"Great to deal with & love the new saddle, really go out of their way to help! Thanks again for the a+ customer service" - Jessie Gill

"Highly recommended! Big thank you for your help and advise!" - Anna Swainson