PHS All Purpose Saddle

The PH StrideFree All Purpose Saddle is the perfect saddle for the discerning everyday rider suitable for young riders starting out, older riders for support and comfort and pleasure riders who would like something to do a bit of everything in. Combining the light-weight forward cut design of a jump saddle with the slightly deeper seat, the PH StrideFree All Purpose is the ultimate saddle for the all-round rider who is looking to participate in all equestrian disciplines. Also great for hunting.


- Fully adjustable gullet
- Made on patent design stridefree tree
- Soft, flexible forward cut flap
- Slightly deeper seat than traditional jump saddles, for a more secure position
- Wide channel provides sufficient spinal clearance
- Versatile design-Ideal for jumping, trails and all-round pleasure riding, hunting.
- NEW grippy leather
- Narrow Twist
- 100% Wool Flocked panels
- Life Time Warranty on Tree.
- The panels are flocked with wool and can be easily repacked.
Size: 17.5"
Colour: Dark Brown

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