Saddle Fitting Service

Originally trained as Certified Saddle Fit Technicians, Equine and Saddle Ergonomists of the Saddlefit4Life network, we have been fortunate to train with two of the most qualified and experienced saddle fitters and saddle manufacturers in the world (Frederic Butet Sellier and Antarès Sellier in France). 

Saddlefit4Life professionals include Dr. Gerd Heuschmann DVM (author of 'Tug of War' and 'If Horses Could Speak'), Hannes Mueller (Head Instructor at the German National Riding School), Dr Joanna Robson (Recognizing the Horse in Pain and What you Can do About It), Barbara Welter-Boeller (Director at the German Osteopatic School) and Dr. James Warson (MD specializing in riders' health issues; author of 'The Rider's Pain Free Back'). 

A saddle fitting with us includes:

  • An onsite consultation
  • An assessment of your horses conformation and current saddle fit issues
  • A saddle trial in one or several of our demo saddles
  • An explanation of the various design features of each make and model
  • A detailed and accurate measuring process of both horse and rider

In addition, we offer a full saddle fitting service of any brand of saddle. This includes saddle fit assessments, partial and full re-stuffs as well as gullet changes (widening and narrowing). We are committed to:

  • Sharing information and educating riders, equine professionals and the industry on saddle fitting principles to achieve and maintain equine back health
  • Protecting horse and rider from pain and long term damage through ongoing saddle fit analysis, and optimal saddle fit solutions
  • Raise industry awareness on how proper saddle fitting improves equine freedom of movement, comfort, performance and vitality

Our goal is to provide our customers with up to date knowledge and expertise in the area of equine back health and correct saddle fit alongside an excellent customer service. We travel nationwide and cover both the North and South Island - to make a booking please contact us via email at or phone us on 09 4122326 as our trips often are fully pre-booked.